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School of Design Sidewalk Festivus

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SDSU students from the School of Design hit the pavement for Sidewalk Festivus. There will be various activities in which the students will engage with the Sioux Falls community in design-related conversation.

Activity 1: Frottage – Rubbings, usually done with charcoal or crayon that capture textures and create imprints from real-world surface. Using something like a manhole cover is a good example. They could be done on small enough pieces of paper that attendees could take and do their own.

Activity 2: Tracing Shadows – Engage in study of time and physicality by tracing objects shadow lines every 10 minutes through the 2 hour time span.

Activity 3: Footprints in the Sand – Create bars of powered chalk across entire sections of sidewalk. As pedestrians walk through will track their footprints.

Activity 4: Block Long Scroll Drawing – A block long scroll, posing questions and encouraging passer’s by to engage via script or sketch. This typically involves more than one person working on different parts of a drawing, usually without see what others are doing. Questions could include: What do you love about your downtown? What would you fix in your downtown? Etc.